County Durham, 2021 


Home Ground 2020-2021 is an exploration of the relationship between myself and my hometown. The ambivalence of feeling safety and belonging but also being ready to leave it behind. After growing up in a town that I couldn’t wait to leave, the project looks at a newfound appreciation for the place I was raised. Not only this, but I also found it important to document my home and the way it looks, almost in an attempt to keep the town alive and relevant, as well as an accolade as I start to move on. Through searching for beauty in the ordinary, the photographs present a side to the town that goes against its reputation. With the predominant focus on light and colour, an almost utopian version of an overlooked town is documented. The intentional absence of human subjects represents the notion of peace and nostalgia that I feel when thinking about my roots, but also the regression that the town has faced as a working-class community in the North of England. The project developed from a research project and dissertation which looked at the representation of working-class culture and the photographic history of documenting the British working class. 

Home Ground is a self published photobook of 23 images. 

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